Here at Sun City we specialise in UV tanning - that's all we do!  We have a range of beds to cater for your tanning preferences and we are continually looking to find the latest in tanning technology.  We replace our tubes on a rigorous schedule to ensure you will always get the best tan possible.  Our current beds are shown below  with more on the way!

We sell associated products such as:-

- Eye protection

- Tanning acceleration creams

- Tattoo protection creams

- Teeth whitening kits

- Sun Shots 

- Flabelos

Gift cards and gift baskets are also available  to treat that special person!



 £26 for 60 minutes

We have two lie down beds and two stand up beds depending on your preference.




£34 for 60 minutes

Our collagen bed provides skin conditioning - reducing wrinkles and aleviating conditions such as psoriasis and acne as well as providing that all important tan!



£34 for 60 minutes

Our Inferno is set at 220W to give a hotter tanning experience.