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Welcome to Sun City Crewe where our motto is:-


“Safe, effective tanning in a welcoming, clean envinronment"


There is a strong relationship between looking good and feeling great - we are here to help you do both.  At Sun City Crewe, it's all about the tan - getting it and keeping it.

We have a range of tanning options, from lie downs and stand ups,  a bed that improves the underlying collagen structure of your skin helping with anti ageing and skin conditions such as psoriasis or acne and of course our signature "Inferno" bed for those of you who like it really, really hot!!

New for 2019, I am delighted to introduce our 'Rainbow' bed.  This features four different coloured UV lamps each with a different effect - see the 'SALON' tab for more details and why we are so excited!


Kim x