We are Open!

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Finally, we are open in time for the spring and summer tanning seasons! 


We have been particularly busy this lockdown, the salon has been remodelled to allow space for a megasun - this is now our most popular bed featuring aromacool and built in air conditioning.  With an ergonomically designed acrylic to support the shape of your body, it is far more comfortable to lie on - definitely one to experience!

Our flabelos is now in it's own dedicated room, and our leg tanner has it's own booth upstairs - both worth a try on your next visit.

To help reduce waiting times in the salon, we have implemented an appointments system, much like any other beauty salon.  You can still drop in of course, but if you're short of time, it might be worth knowing you can go straight onto the bed you want, when you want it.  You can either book in person, or by texting our booking hotline:


Sun City Crewe