Free Leg Tanner!

With the nights drawing in, the clocks changing and some winter sun destinations opening up again it's a great time to be getting a tan!   


Have you ever thought that your legs don't seem to tan quite as quickly as the rest of your body?  Well you'd be right and it's down to two factors.  Firstly, the skin on your legs is thicker than elsewhere so UV light just can't get through so easily and secondly, the skin on your legs doesn't produce as much melanin, which is vital to the tanning process.   We now have the solution!  Come  and try the latest addition to our tanning equipment - a dedicated leg tanner!  You can have a leg session after your normal tanning session each time you come in.   As an introductory offer you can get

6 free minutes

each time you come in for any other session in October - just like us on facebook and claim your session! 

While you're in, have you joined our Loyalty Scheme yet?  Running through October and November to thank our regulars - it's not too late to take advantage of our free sessions!

Have 8 sessions, get 8 stamps and claim 2 FREE sessions - available until the end of November.

Finally, if you haven't been in since before lockdown, come in and see our cleaning regime for yourself.   We have always been passionate about cleaning - but that has now turned into an obsession.  When you use one of our beds you can be assured that the whole room has been thoroughly sanitised in line with the Sun Tanning Association recommendations.

Additionally to reduce queues in the salon, we have implemented an appointments system, much like any other beauty salon.  You can either book in person, or by texting our booking hotline:


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