TAN for Xmas is back in 2021!   Crewe is starting to get it's buzz back and we want to kick off the Xmas season looking fantastic!

For £20 you have unlimited use of any bed in the salon up until we close on the 31st December.

A great offer for our regular tanners - buy early to make the most of it!!


tan for xmas.jpg

All of our beds are included in this offer - including the flabelos and leg tanner.

Make an event of your next  few visits....

  1. Start with the flabelos for gentle toning

  2. Enjoy your normal tanning session, perhaps even try a different bed once in a while?

  3. Finish with a session on the leg tanner

We can get busy at peak times, so we recommend booking ahead so you know that your favourite bed is free when you want it.

Call or text 07561-699681 to book your next session!