We  Recommend:-


Collagen Rejuvenation course - 10 Week

2 weeks of 2 x 12 minute sessions

8 weeks of 3 x 12 minute sessions


Post 10 week course:

1 x 12 minute session each week


Collagen Clear course - 10 Week

2 weeks of 2 x 16 minute sessions

8 weeks of 3 x 16 minute sessions

Post 10 week course:

1 x 16 minute session each week

This is what our supplier says:- Cosmedico have produced a completely new concept, which combines the UV Light, Red Light and Infra Red. The UV light is an excellent 0.3 compliant lamp from Cosmedico’s Premium product range. The Red Light stimulates collagen production, helping to improve Age Spots, Cellulite, Wrinkles and revitalises the skin for a smoother, brighter complexion. The addition of Infra red to this concept, gives added benefits of pain relief for muscle strains, healing tissues, improved skin oxygenation and tissue hydration. This can improve the direct pigmentation of the skin by up to 5o per cent, giving you a more effective deep and golden tan!


This is what we think:- This bed made our skin so soft we literally couldn't stop stroking each other when we first got it - a bit weird perhaps - but true!  We can see that it definitely helps with reducing crows feet and acne because of our own results, and we know of one customer who uses it to alleviate psoriasis because it's easier to get to each week than going to the hospital to use their equipment.  It's very quickly become our most popular bed.